Key Points:

  • Royal Jordanian is considering expanding its Embraer E2 fleet as part of its ongoing fleet modernization and growth plan.

  • The airline will soon receive the first of four E190 E2 and four E195 E2 jets, replacing its older E175s and E195s initially introduced in 2006.

  • Despite the complexities of operating multiple aircraft types, the Embraer E2's versatility and cost efficiency offer significant operational advantages for Royal Jordanian.

Fleet Modernization with Embraer E2 Jets

Royal Jordanian is in the process of modernizing its fleet and is contemplating further acquisitions of Embraer E2 jets. The airline's CEO and Vice-Chairman, Samer Majali, disclosed at the Arab Air Carriers Organization annual meeting that the airline is preparing to receive a new batch of Embraer E2 jets. This move comes as part of a broader expansion program, aimed at increasing the airline's fleet from 27 to over 40 aircraft in the coming years.

Replacement Strategy for Aging Aircraft

The airline's existing Embraer fleet, comprising two E175s and two E195s that have been in service since 2006, is set for replacement with newer models. The order, confirmed earlier this year, includes four E190 E2 and four E195 E2 aircraft, two of which are being purchased directly from Embraer, and the others from lessor Azorra. The arrival of these eight new Embraers will effectively replace the older models in the fleet, aligning with the airline's strategy of "replacement and growth."

Embraers Enhancing Operational Flexibility

Despite the operational complexity of maintaining three different aircraft types in a relatively small fleet, Majali highlighted the advantages of the Embraer E2 jets. These aircraft offer the flexibility to increase flight frequency and are more cost-effective on a trip-mile basis. For instance, the E190s enable Royal Jordanian to offer daily services to destinations like Erbil, Iraq, instead of four A320 flights per week, thus improving service quality. Additionally, the Embraer jets' range makes them suitable for European routes, and they provide the opportunity to explore new routes with a cost-efficient aircraft. This versatility and economic efficiency make the Embraer E2 an attractive option for Royal Jordanian's future fleet expansion and route development.