Key Points:

  • The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has suspended all wet-leased aircraft of United Nigeria Airlines (UNA) following a recent flight diversion incident.

  • NCAA is investigating the circumstances that led to UNA flight NUA 0506 being diverted to Asaba instead of its intended destination, Abuja.

  • United Nigeria Airlines cited poor weather conditions for the diversion, but confusion arose due to a miscommunication by the cabin crew.

NCAA's Response to UNA's Flight Diversion

ABUJA — The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has taken decisive action by suspending all wet-leased aircraft within United Nigeria Airlines' (UNA) operations. This decision comes in the wake of an incident involving UNA flight NUA 0506, which was unexpectedly diverted to Asaba, deviating from its planned destination of Abuja. NCAA has also initiated an in-depth investigation to determine the factors leading to this diversion.

UNA had previously explained the cause of the diversion of its Lagos-Abuja flight, which occurred last Sunday, attributing it to adverse weather conditions in Abuja. The flight, designated NUA 0504, had departed from the Muritala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, en route to Abuja, before the midair diversion.

Clarification and Investigation by NCAA

UNA’s spokesperson, Uchegbu Achilleus-Chud, clarified the situation in a statement, noting that the aircraft, NUA 0504, was diverted to Asaba International Airport due to poor weather at the intended destination. He acknowledged that confusion among passengers was sparked by an incorrect announcement made by the cabin crew upon landing in Asaba. Achilleus-Chud assured that the pilot was fully aware of the diversion and had received proper briefing.

NCAA’s Director-General, Captain Musa Nuhu, addressed the public, urging calm as the authority delves into the incident. Nuhu confirmed the suspension of UNA’s wet-leased aircraft in a statement released on Monday. He emphasized that the NCAA had already commenced preliminary actions while the investigation is ongoing.

In his statement, Nuhu reassured travelers that the NCAA is committed to ensuring the safety of the aviation industry, promising thoroughness in the investigation process. The authority's swift action and the ongoing probe underscore its dedication to maintaining high safety standards in Nigerian aviation.