Key Points:

  • Lufthansa is exploring a new configuration for its 747-8 aircraft, reducing the business class seats on the upper deck to 23, down from the current 32.

  • The airline's 747-8s will be retrofitted with the Allegris cabin update starting in 2024, initially focusing on the lower deck.

  • Lufthansa faces challenges in integrating the new First and Business Class suites into the 747-8, particularly due to space and weight distribution issues.

Lufthansa's Innovative Cabin Configuration for 747-8

Lufthansa is currently evaluating the optimal integration of its new Allegris seats into the Boeing 747-8 aircraft. The redesigned business class section on the upper deck is set to be significantly reduced in size. Based on recent media reports, Lufthansa is testing a more spacious layout with just 23 business class seats, a reduction from the current 32 seats in its 747-8 models.

The German airline is scheduled to debut the Allegris cabin upgrades in 2024, starting with the lower deck of its 747-8 fleet. This update marks a significant shift in Lufthansa's cabin design, aiming to enhance passenger comfort and experience.

Challenges and Adjustments in Cabin Design

Lufthansa is encountering some logistical difficulties with the installation of the new First and Business Class sections in its 747-8 aircraft. The larger suite designs are proving challenging to fit into the aircraft's bow and upper hump. Additionally, as reported by "" in late October, the airline is grappling with weight distribution challenges due to the additional weight of these new suites.

The Boeing 747-8, of which Lufthansa operates 19, has a longer hump compared to its predecessors, making it slightly top-heavy. To avoid the need for balancing weights in the aircraft's rear, Lufthansa is initially limiting the Allegris update to the Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class on the lower deck. For now, the existing Business Class on the upper deck and the First Class in the bow of the lower deck will continue to be used.

In an attempt to balance the new and existing products within the aircraft, Lufthansa may significantly downsize the business class section on the upper deck. According to insider information from the "FrankfurtFlyer" frequent flyer portal, Lufthansa plans to retrofit the upper deck's business class to the Allegris standard by 2026. However, this retrofit will feature only 23 seats instead of the previous 32. Details about the Allegris configuration in the 747-8, as reported by, are still under consideration and have yet to be finalized.