A recent Bonza airline flight in Australia experienced intense turbulence, resulting in the hospitalization of several crew members. The incident took place on a Queensland route from Rockhampton to the Sunshine Coast this Tuesday, 21 November. The specifics regarding the injuries sustained and the total number of crew affected remain undisclosed. Bonza's CEO, Tim Jordan, confirmed the event to The Independent, reassuring that no passengers were injured during the turbulence.

Tim Jordan emphasized the airline's commitment to the safety of both staff and passengers. He assured that the affected crew members were promptly assessed at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and returned home on the same evening. Following the incident, the subsequent flight from the Sunshine Coast to Mildura was canceled for a thorough aircraft assessment. Jordan highlighted that although turbulence is a common challenge for airlines, Bonza is conducting a comprehensive review to learn from the incident. The aircraft involved was inspected thoroughly and returned to service the following morning.

Launched in January 2023, Bonza is a burgeoning player in the Australian aviation industry. The low-cost airline, with a fleet of five aircraft as per Planespotters.net, focuses on domestic and regional routes within Australia. This recent episode of turbulence is not an isolated event in the aviation sector.

Global Incidents of Severe Turbulence

Earlier this year, British Airways also faced a similar challenge when a flight from Singapore to London encountered severe turbulence over the Bay of Bengal, compelling a return to Singapore for safety checks. A passenger on board described the turbulence as the most severe she had experienced, likening it to "falling out of the sky." In another incident, a flight en route to Portugal was hit by extreme turbulence, leading to injuries among eight passengers and two crew members, with the chaotic moment captured on camera.