Key Points:

  • Greenland's capital, Nuuk, is set to open its redeveloped international airport in 2024, enhancing connectivity to North America and Europe.

  • The new airport, managed by Kalaallit Airports, will feature extended runways suitable for long-haul flights and is part of Greenland's infrastructure development.

  • Air Greenland plans to resume international flights to locations like Iqaluit and expand its network in collaboration with other airlines, coinciding with the airport's opening.

Nuuk's Gateway to the World Nears Completion

Greenland's new international airport in Nuuk, under the management of Kalaallit Airports, is on track to welcome its first international flights in a year. The airport, a significant development for Greenland’s capital, will commence operations in stages: the terminal building in May 2024 and a grand opening scheduled for November 28, 2024. Jens Lauridsen, Managing Director of Kalaallit Airports, highlights the airport's potential to revolutionize travel for Nuuk and Greenland as a whole.

Constructed by the Greenland government since 2016, the airport is part of a broader initiative that includes developments in Ilulissat, a popular tourist destination, and Qaqortoq, a southern town renowned for its fjords. These airports are designed with extended runways to accommodate direct flights from North America and Europe, significantly enhancing Greenland's global connectivity.

Air Greenland Gears Up for New Era

As Nuuk’s new airport nears completion, it presents both opportunities and challenges for Air Greenland. The airline's CEO, Jacob Nitter Sørensen, spoke to Aviation Week about the transformative impact of the airport and the preparatory efforts underway. Sørensen emphasized the logistical and operational changes necessary to adapt to the new infrastructure, including relocating staff, equipment, and updating processes and procedures.

Presently, Greenland connects internationally to five destinations, including Copenhagen, Reykjavik, and Stavanger, through Air Greenland and Nordair services. Air Greenland has also announced its plan to reintroduce flights to Iqaluit, Canada, starting in the summer of 2024, marking the resumption of the route after an eight-year hiatus. This move is part of the airline's strategy to expand its international footprint, including collaborations with Icelandair and SAS Scandinavian Airlines for additional routes.

Starting June 26, 2024, Air Greenland will operate weekly flights between the existing Nuuk Airport and Iqaluit Airport, utilizing De Havilland Canada Dash 8-200s. This service will include a connection to Ottawa, Canada’s capital, facilitated by Canadian North.