Key Points:

  • EVA Air advances its long-haul fleet upgrade by selecting the Airbus A350-1000, alongside additional A321neo aircraft.

  • The order for 18 A350s positions EVA Air as the latest Asia-Pacific airline to operate this aircraft type.

  • The new aircraft are set to replace EVA Air's current fleet of Boeing 777-300ERs and older A321s, without a specified delivery timeline.

EVA Air Announces Major Fleet Renewal with Airbus Deal

EVA Air has taken a decisive step in modernizing its long-haul fleet by choosing the Airbus A350-1000, with an agreement that includes 15 A321neo aircraft. The deal, valued at $10.1 billion, was revealed in a stock exchange filing on November 7, signifying EVA Air's commitment to enhancing its fleet capabilities and passenger experience.

Replacement Strategy for Aging Aircraft

The Taiwanese carrier's acquisition of 18 A350s marks its transition to becoming the newest operator of this aircraft type in the Asia-Pacific region. These planes are slated to supplant EVA Air's existing fleet of Boeing 777-300ERs, while the A321neos are expected to take over routes currently flown by the airline's older A321s. EVA Air's fleet includes 34 777-300ERs, aged between six and 17 years, and 18 A321s, which are between seven and 10 years old.

EVA Air's Fleet Modernization Aligns with Regional Trends

As EVA Air proceeds with its fleet renewal plans, it joins the ranks of Taiwan’s major carriers that have incorporated the Airbus A350 into their operations. China Airlines already flies 14 of the smaller -900 variants, and the nascent Starlux Airlines maintains a fleet of four -900s with additional -1000 variants on order. EVA Air is also amid updating its medium-haul fleet, replacing A330s with Boeing 787-9s and -10s. Despite the significant investment, neither EVA Air nor Airbus has provided specific details regarding the delivery schedule of the newly ordered jets.