Key Points:

  • Airbus has unveiled the first A321neo for Pegasus Airlines, manufactured at its new Toulouse production line, which was repurposed from the former A380 assembly hall.

  • The new Toulouse line is part of Airbus' strategy to increase single-aisle aircraft production, with a focus on the A321neo.

  • Airbus aims to produce 75 A320neo-family aircraft per month by 2026, expanding its assembly lines across Europe, China, and the USA.

Airbus' New Production Milestone in Toulouse

TOULOUSE — Airbus has showcased a significant advancement in its manufacturing capabilities with the roll-out of the first A321neo for Turkey's Pegasus Airlines. This particular aircraft, powered by CFM International Leap-1A engines, is noteworthy as it is the first A321neo completely assembled at Airbus' new production line in Toulouse. This line, inaugurated earlier in the year, occupies the space of the former A380 assembly hall, marking a strategic shift in Airbus' production focus following the discontinuation of the double-deck aircraft.

This new production line in Toulouse is a crucial component in Airbus' broader plan to enhance the output of its single-aisle aircraft, particularly in light of the increasing demand for the A321neo. The company's ambitious goal is to achieve a production rate of 75 A320neo-family aircraft per month by 2026, with the A321neo model playing a significant role. The A321neo has garnered substantial market interest, evidenced by its more than 5,500 orders.

Expanding Global Production Footprint

To meet its aggressive production target, Airbus is expanding its network of A320neo-family assembly lines to ten. This expansion includes six lines in Europe, along with additional lines in China and the United States. The strategic distribution of these assembly lines across key regions not only underscores Airbus' commitment to meeting global demand but also reflects its adaptive approach to manufacturing efficiency.

The delivery of the first A321neo from the Toulouse line to Pegasus Airlines symbolizes a new era in Airbus' manufacturing operations. By repurposing the former A380 facility, Airbus has adeptly adjusted its infrastructure to align with the evolving market trends and requirements. This move is indicative of the company's proactive strategy in maintaining its position as a leader in the aerospace industry, continually adapting to changing market dynamics and customer needs. The Toulouse line, now a hub for single-aisle aircraft production, represents a significant step in Airbus' journey towards achieving its ambitious production goals.