Key Points:

  • KLM, the renowned Dutch airline, has partnered with Heart Aerospace by joining its advisory board, focused on the ES-30 hybrid-electric regional aircraft.

  • Established in September 2022, the board already boasts big-name members like Air Canada and United Airlines.

  • Heart Aerospace's ES-30 aircraft has received 250 firm orders and is set to enter service by 2028.

KLM collaborates with Heart Aerospace for a sustainable future.

KLM Aligns with Heart Aerospace's Vision

Strengthening its commitment to a sustainable aviation future, the Dutch flag carrier, KLM, has marked its presence in the aviation world by collaborating with Heart Aerospace's industry advisory board. This board is a collective of prominent stakeholders, including other global airlines, government bodies, airports, and aircraft lessors.

Maarten Stienen, the chief operating officer at KLM, expressed his optimism about the partnership, saying, "In Heart Aerospace, we've discovered a partner who echoes our drive. Our collaboration aims to expedite the journey towards sustainable air travel."

Distinguished Members on Board

Heart Aerospace's advisory board, established in September 2022, is not short of industry heavyweights. It initially began with 21 esteemed partners such as Air New Zealand, Air Canada, SAS, United Airlines, and Braathens Regional Airlines. A unique addition to this board was the government of Aland, an autonomous segment of Finland. In September, it became the first governmental entity to join this influential group.

A Bright Horizon for the ES-30

Heart Aerospace's hybrid-electric ES-30 regional aircraft is gaining traction in the aviation industry. With 250 concrete orders already in place, there are options and purchase rights for another 120 units. In addition, 91 more aircraft have been earmarked through letters of intent. As the industry keenly watches, the ES-30 is scheduled to begin its services in 2028.