Key Points:

  • 7 Air, a US start-up, plans to begin operations primarily from Miami to various destinations including Canada and Latin America.

  • The carrier is backed by an $8 million credit line from Haines Capital Group.

MIAMI — Florida-based start-up, 7 Air, has announced its plans to kick off cargo services in February of the upcoming year. Operating a fleet of converted Boeing 737 freighters, the airline will majorly focus on routes connecting Miami to US, Caribbean, Latin American, and Canadian destinations.

The ambitious cargo carrier has set sights on initially procuring either a 737-700 or -800 aircraft. Within 12 months post-certification, it aspires to extend its fleet to encompass three planes. A recent document submitted to US regulatory bodies notes, “At this juncture, the company isn't contemplating any additional fleet augmentation.”

Boosted by an impressive $8 million credit line courtesy of the Oklahoma-based Haines Capital Group, 7 Air remains optimistic about fulfilling the financial fitness standards outlined by the Department of Transportation. The start-up is optimistic on its potential to amass “a consistent and noteworthy revenue influx” from the get-go.

Peeling back the ownership layers, 7 Air operates under the aegis of Xtreme Aviation Holding, which in its diverse portfolio also includes an aircraft leasing division, Aventus Air Leasing II. The holding company's sphere of operations further extends to aircraft maintenance businesses and repair hubs located in Florida.