Key Points:

  • Equair, after reviewing the market dynamics, decides to suspend its airline operations.

  • Over 200 employees are informed and will be aided during the transition process.

  • LATAM Airlines Ecuador will offer assistance to Equair's passengers, honoring bookings between September 30 and December 31.

Financial Bottleneck Forces Equair to Halt Operations

QUITO — Equair, an Ecuadorian regional airline operator, announced the suspension of its operations, just two short years after it began serving the Latin American skies. Having been founded on entirely Ecuadorian capital, Equair had been operating its small fleet of Boeing 737-700s primarily on regional and domestic routes.

The airline emphasized its commitment to ensuring safety, sustainability, and superior quality of service, all the while targeting profitability. However, upon a comprehensive market analysis, Equair found it prudent to pause its services.

The decision was promptly communicated to the airline's workforce, exceeding 200 members. Equair assured its dedication to assist its employees throughout the impending transition phase.

As a silver lining for passengers scheduled on Equair flights, the airline has brokered a deal with the Ecuadorian branch of LATAM Airlines. As per this non-profit protective agreement, LATAM will be accommodating Equair's customers. Moreover, to facilitate any passenger-related queries, Equair has initiated telephone inquiry channels.

Prior to this development, Equair had been running up to 66 weekly flights on the primary domestic route connecting Quito and Guayaquil. Additionally, the airline also flew to renowned destinations like the Galapagos Islands and the urban locale of El Coca, securing a 17% slice of its operational market.

Emerging at the conclusion of 2021, Equair's primary objectives were to bolster national progression and generate job opportunities. Reflecting on the unforeseen decision, the airline expressed, "With an eye on tomorrow, we gear up for contemporary global challenges, in a perpetually evolving scenario demanding swift and strategic adaptability."

In light of Equair's sudden operational cessation, LATAM Airlines Ecuador has come forward, at the behest of Ecuadorian regulators, to support. It pledges to accommodate Equair's passengers without any added costs. "The safeguarding of Equair's clientele will be determined based on the seating capacity on our domestic routes," the airline conveyed, emphasizing its commitment to passengers with reservations between September 30 and the end of December.