Key Points:

  • Boeing faces decreased 737 MAX deliveries in September 2023 due to ongoing inspections and fixes related to a manufacturing defect.

  • The aircraft manufacturer is addressing issues with incorrectly drilled holes on the 737 MAX aft pressure bulkhead.

  • September saw a substantial increase in new aircraft orders for Boeing, including significant acquisitions by United Airlines and Air Canada.

Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on the tarmac

Manufacturing Defects Challenge 737 MAX Deliveries

Boeing, the renowned American plane manufacturer, reported a downturn in its 737 MAX deliveries for September, marking the lowest count since August the previous year. The decline is attributed to the ongoing rectifications for a production flaw. Specifically, Boeing's teams are currently addressing thousands of inaccurately drilled holes located on the 737 MAX's aft pressure bulkhead.

September's Delivery and Order Numbers

In spite of challenges, Boeing continues to be an industry mainstay. The company reported a total of 27 deliveries in September, including 15 of its 737 MAX jets, 10 units of the 787 model, and a pair of 777s. However, these figures highlight that the monthly deliveries of the MAX 8 and MAX 9 models were among the lowest since the resumption in December 2020. The resumption followed the global halt due to two fatal crashes in 2018 and 2019.

On a brighter note, Boeing experienced a noticeable uptick in new orders during September, logging orders for 224 aircraft while witnessing only 10 cancellations. Notable among these were the orders from United Airlines for 50 of the 787 model and Air Canada's acquisition of 18 787s.

Year-to-Date Delivery Comparison 

When reflecting on the first nine months of 2023, Boeing successfully handed over 371 aircraft to its clients, encompassing 286 units of the 737 model, 50 of the 787 series, and 35 assorted aircraft. By way of comparison, Airbus, Boeing's European competitor, has reported the delivery of 488 planes during the same timeframe, with 55 of these deliveries occurring in September.