Key Points:

  • A year after considering selling their stake, Stephen and Peter Bond have decided to retain ownership of Loganair for the time being.

  • Loganair is undergoing a fleet modernization process, transitioning from Saab 340 aircraft to ATR 72-600 turboprops.

  • Despite the initial intent to sell, the Bond brothers emphasize their commitment to Loganair, ensuring that the airline trades profitably and remains debt-free.

Loganair aircraft on the runway, symbolizing the airline's robust operations under the stewardship of the Bond brothers.

Loganair Continues Fleet Renewal, Transitioning to ATR 72-600 Turboprops

GLASGOW — Contrary to earlier intentions to explore a possible sale, the Bond brothers, Stephen and Peter, have affirmed their commitment to remain the principal stakeholders of the Scottish regional airline, Loganair. The duo, who has had a 25-year association with the airline and been its sole proprietors since 2012, recently disclosed this decision.

Ongoing Fleet Transformation

Central to the carrier's ongoing efforts is a fleet rejuvenation initiative. Loganair is progressively transitioning away from its remaining Saab 340 aircraft, embracing the ATR 72-600 turboprops instead. The airline has indicated that it anticipates finalizing this switch by replacing the last quartet of Saab 340s by early next year. Concurrently, a revamp is underway for its Embraer 145 regional jets.

Firm Commitment Amid Industry Challenges

Addressing the pause in the sale process, the Bond brothers cited the need to conclude the fleet overhaul and navigate global supply chain issues and their subsequent cost implications. They articulated, "There has never been a time-bound reason for the sale of Loganair. Our unwavering commitment stands, and any future decision will be made ensuring the right custodian for the airline." Reflecting its robust operational strategy, Loganair reports that it continues to operate profitably and is free from debts.