Key Points:

  • ANA has introduced the third and final aircraft in its "Flying Honu" series, increasing its Narita–Honolulu flight frequency.

  • The "Flying Honu" series pays tribute to the endangered green sea turtle, an iconic symbol in Hawaiian culture.

  • ANA has a history of introducing vibrant and thematic liveries, including its recent Pokémon-themed jets.

TOKYO —Following a three-year postponement largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, All Nippon Airways (ANA) has launched its third Airbus A380 jet, known as the "Flying Honu," enhancing its services on the Narita–Honolulu route. This bright orange aircraft began its inaugural journey from Narita, Japan to Honolulu, Hawaii last Friday. In light of the new jet's integration, ANA intends to expand its flight frequency on this route from 10 to 14 weekly roundtrip flights starting December.

Celebrating 25 Years: ANA Boosts Narita–Honolulu Flights Amid Growing Demand

Marking a milestone of 25 years servicing the Japan-Hawaii route, ANA has made a strategic decision to meet the escalating demand for this popular island destination. Starting December 6th, the airline has confirmed that all roundtrip flights between Narita and Honolulu will exclusively feature the vibrant "Flying Sea Turtle" Airbus A380 jets. ANA aims to leverage the massive seating capacity of these 520-seater Airbus 380 aircraft—known to be the world's largest passenger airliners with a unique full-length double-deck design—to cater to the growing number of passengers.

ANA Honors Endangered Green Sea Turtle with Colourful Airbus Liveries

Embedded within the vibrant colors of the "Flying Honu" series is a tribute to the endangered green sea turtle. Recognized as honu in Hawaiian tradition, these creatures symbolize longevity and are regarded as bearers of good fortune. The three aircraft in this series are distinguished by unique designs and colors:

Lani (blue): Symbolizes the vast blue skies of Hawaii.
Kai (emerald green): Evokes the pristine waters enveloping the island.
Ra (orange): Mirrors the mesmerizing sunsets of Hawaii.

In addition to the themed flights, passengers can also purchase "Flying Honu" merchandise, such as soft toys, model planes, and Hawaii-themed teddy bears, through the airline's pre-order service.

ANA's Legacy of Eye-Catching Aircraft Designs

This isn't ANA's inaugural venture into thematic aircraft liveries. Earlier in the season, the airline presented its Pokémon-themed jet, "Pikachu Jet NH," after a seven-year hiatus, followed closely by the Eevee Jet NH, which took its first trip from Tokyo to London recently.