Key Points:

  • WestJet aims to integrate Sunwing Airlines by October 2024, consolidating all 737s under one air operator certificate.

  • The move aims to bolster WestJet's capability to serve the diverse needs of the Canadian leisure travel market.

  • Integration prioritizes a smooth transition for Sunwing's clientele and workforce, with an emphasis on safety and reliability.

WestJet's Vision: Seamless Consolidation of All 737 Aircraft

CALGARY — WestJet Group has rolled out a detailed plan for the seamless incorporation of Sunwing Airlines into its operations, a pivotal move in its strategy to unite all 737 aircraft under a unified air operator certificate (AOC). The ongoing activities related to this integration are in full swing, and WestJet is optimistic about wrapping up the process by October 2024.

Alexis von Hoensbroech, the Chief Executive Officer of the WestJet Group, conveyed the organization's vision, stating, "As we reinforce our commitment to cater to the diverse needs of Canadian leisure travellers, integrating Sunwing's 737 fleet into WestJet's promises enhanced offerings and convenience. The entire integration endeavor centers on ensuring Sunwing's customers and employees experience a frictionless transition. Our collective goal is to amplify our leisure travel services across Canada and guarantee a secure future for Sunwing personnel transitioning to WestJet."

Additionally, WestJet's ongoing integration with Swoop is set to be finalized by October 28, 2023. This experience sets the stage for WestJet's dedication to ensuring a consistent and dependable experience for both guests and employees during the Sunwing Airlines assimilation. Importantly, this development will have no ramifications for the Sunwing Vacations Group or its affiliated vacation brands.

The intricate nature of the integration necessitates careful collaboration and coordination with a myriad of stakeholders, including Transport Canada, Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB), and labor partners. Prioritizing the safety of its people and passengers, WestJet remains adaptable in its approach. The airline emphasizes the importance of working constructively with all involved parties to determine timelines and other essential details, with the overarching objective of achieving a successful integration.