Key Points:

  • USC performs its initial wet-lease service for Madagascar Airlines, signaling its entry into the aviation industry.

  • Madagascar Airlines is in a revitalized state following a restructuring process that took place earlier in the year.

  • Managing director Klaus Dieter Martin emphasizes USC's commitment to exceeding partner expectations through proficient service.

Madagascar Airlines Resumes Operation Post Restructuring with USC’s Assistance

FRANKFURT —The Frankfurt-based start-up operator USC has successfully commenced its journey in the aviation industry, fulfilling its first wet-lease assignment for Madagascar Airlines. The collaboration saw USC conducting a flight service from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Antananarivo on 5th September, utilizing an Airbus A340-300 for the operation. This partnership, facilitated by ACC Aviation, marks a promising beginning for the German operator in the aviation landscape.

Following the initial service, the aircraft identified with the registration D-AUSC took on the return mission, MD50, the succeeding day, signifying the completion of USC’s premier wet-lease service. Reflecting on this substantial achievement, managing director Klaus Dieter Martin articulated the company's unwavering dedication to “smooth and professional operations,” with an aspiration to go beyond Madagascar Airlines’ anticipations. The venture was seen as a grand kickoff, envisioning a prolonged and fruitful collaboration between the two entities.

Setting a firm foundation, USC secured its air operator's certificate from German regulators in mid-August, showcasing readiness and compliance with the aviation standards. The company harbors grandiose plans for the future, keen on assembling a robust fleet of A340s to cater to both passenger and freight operations globally. This determination paints a vivid picture of USC’s ambition to carve out a significant niche in the airline industry, promising not only sustenance but growth and expansion.

In the meantime, Madagascar Airlines is navigating a new chapter following a substantial restructuring, a process initiated earlier this year that birthed the carrier from a fusion of Air Madagascar and its domestic ally, Tsaradia. The revamped airline attained its operating license and certification in April, heralding a resurgence in its operations. Through the strategic partnership with USC, Madagascar Airlines seeks to fortify its presence in the industry, leveraging USC’s fresh and competent approach to service delivery.

UK-based ACC Aviation, a leasing services specialist, expressed that this initial task was both the inaugural commercial flight for USC and its debut wet-lease commitment. The collaboration with Madagascar Airlines is perceived as a strong foundation for USC's ventures in the industry, paving the way for potential blossomed relations and mutual growth in the dynamic and competitive aviation market.