Key Points:

  • Eurowings Discover undergoes a rebranding to become Discover Airlines, rolling out a fresh look for its aircraft.

  • The new design of Discover Airlines encompasses shades of blue and yellow, evoking memories of holidays, horizon views, and the sea.

  • Discover Airlines, in just two years, has expanded its fleet, hired around 2,000 employees, and has flown to over 60 global destinations.

New Branding Symbolizes Quality and Connection to Lufthansa Group

FRANKFURT —Discover Airlines emerged as the new brand identity for the Lufthansa Group's youthful leisure carrier, previously known as Eurowings Discover. Unveiled at Frankfurt airport with the landing of its first Airbus A320 sporting the new design, the revamped identity is set to embark on its maiden journey to Palma de Mallorca on September 6.

This rebranding signals Discover Airlines' status as the Lufthansa Group's premier leisure carrier in Germany. The airline's renewed image embodies the essence of travel, exploration, and the rejuvenation of treasured experiences. The design palette, predominantly blue, takes cues from the skies, horizon, and water. Yellow touches echo sunlit beaches, while the gradient mirrors vistas from an airplane window.

Linking to the Lufthansa Group is inherent in the blue motif. Discover Airlines firmly integrates with the Group’s structures in Frankfurt and Munich, adding depth to the booming personal travel sector.

In a statement, Bernd Bauer, the airline's CEO, commended the team's unwavering dedication. “Our growth, achieved in a mere two years, witnesses the team's immense dedication. We've transitioned from the inception phase, and our brand ethos articulates our aspirations in the upscale leisure travel niche while cementing our ties to the Lufthansa Group."

Distinct elements enrich the design. The term “discover” remains a cornerstone, enhanced by the inclusion of “Airlines.” Punctuated by a dot, this wordmark recurs, notably on the aircraft's tail. Despite the innovative design, Lufthansa Group's association remains evident. The fuselage clearly bears the tag “Member of Lufthansa Group”, and a white “leading edge” line artistically extends from the tail. Discover Airlines collaborated with Scholz & Friends from Hamburg for this new brand embodiment.

The rebranding unfolds in stages. Following the new Airbus A320's debut on September 5, the digital front, including websites and social channels, will transform on September 6. Subsequently, Frankfurt Airport's signage and global stations, among other elements, will undergo updates. By December, cabin and crew aesthetics will align with the new branding. Sustainability drives the decision to fully utilize disposable items before introducing redesigned replacements.

Discover Airlines will augment its fleet in the upcoming months, adding more aircraft and broadening its flight repertoire from Munich and Frankfurt. By 2025, long-haul flights from Munich will recommence.

Since its initiation, Discover Airlines has greeted over four million passengers. Boasting full integration into the Lufthansa Group and partnerships with carriers like Air Canada and United Airlines, Discover offers travelers diverse options and streamlined experiences.