Key Points:

  • Condor adds the ninth Airbus A330neo to its fleet, with plans for its debut commercial flight set for the subsequent week to Canada.

  • The recent Airbus A330neo is the first to sport blue in Condor's signature striped livery, complementing the existing green and beige.

  • By 2024, Condor aims to phase out its old Boeing 767 fleet, making way for 18 new long-haul aircraft.

Blue Joins the Colors of Nature in Condor's Striped Livery Trio

NEU ISENBURG —Condor, the renowned German leisure airline, has announced the incorporation of its ninth Airbus A330neo into the fleet. This latest aircraft, bearing the registration D-ANRB, touched down at Frankfurt Airport on September 2, 2023. With Canada as its destination, the inaugural commercial flight is penned for a week later.

Taking a departure from its former liveries, this Airbus stands out as the first to be adorned with a striking blue stripe, augmenting Condor's innovative livery design. Previously, the airline's aircraft bore either green or beige stripes. This infusion of blue finalizes the nature-inspired trio of colors on Condor’s planes: green evoking “island” vibes, beige echoing the “beach,” and now, blue embodying the “sea” – a symbolic representation for its long-haul fleet.

Embarking on a major fleet rejuvenation initiative, Condor aims to usher in a total of 18 state-of-the-art long-haul aircraft. Commencing in the latter part of 2022, the airline has maintained a consistent influx of new aircraft month by month. This steadfast delivery pattern anticipates that the retirement of the dated Boeing 767 fleet will be completed by 2024.

Post the refurbishment of its long-haul fleet, Condor’s visionary approach extends to overhauling its short- and medium-haul aircraft arsenal. The plan is to gradually phase out the present Airbus A320/1 and Boeing 757 planes, transitioning to 41 brand-new A320neo-family jets. This updated fleet will comprise 13 A320neo and 28 A321neo models. Between 2024 and 2025, the airline has charted the delivery of 14 aircraft.