Key Points:

  • In August, Airbus delivered 52 aircraft to 34 customers, experiencing a decline compared to July when it had delivered 65 aircraft to 36 customers.

  • Airbus has engaged in exclusive discussions with Air France-KLM to set up a joint venture aimed at offering worldwide Airbus A350 component maintenance services.

  • Within the first eight months of 2023, Airbus accumulated a gross order of 1,257 aircraft and, after considering 39 cancellations, the net orders stood at 1,218 with the leading purchasers being India-based airlines Indigo and Air India.

Airbus Logs 1,218 Net Orders in Eight Months of 2023

TOULOUSE — In August, Airbus reported a slowdown in aircraft deliveries, handing over 52 airplanes to 34 clients. This was a dip from July's performance, where the firm had facilitated the delivery of 65 airplanes to 36 customers. Despite the decrease in the recent month, the total gross orders for August were noted at 117, which showed an upward trend compared to 60 gross orders in July.

Detailing the year-to-date achievements, the aerospace corporation has successfully transferred 433 aircraft to 77 different customers. The remarkable pace in the sales trajectory has resulted in a significant gross order tally reaching 1,257 within the initial eight months of 2023. However, this figure faced a slight decrement due to 39 cancellations, placing the net orders at 1,218.

In a notable update, Airbus has unveiled that it is in exclusive negotiation phases with Air France-KLM. The potential collaboration eyes the inception of a joint venture that will specialize in providing Airbus A350 component maintenance services on a global platform. As per the emerging details of the joint venture agreement, a transfer of aircraft components assets, which are currently held by both Airbus and Air France, into a shared pool managed by the joint venture is anticipated.

Reflecting on the dominant players in the market, the data exhibits that the Indian airspace holds a robust position with Indigo and Air India topping the charts in terms of orders placed with Airbus. These India-based airlines have demonstrated a strong purchasing footprint, marking the highest orders in the current year, thereby becoming substantial contributors to Airbus's expansive customer base.