Key Points:

  • Air France KLM and Airbus initiate exclusive negotiations to form a joint venture focusing on Airbus A350 components.

  • The planned collaboration will merge aircraft component assets from both partners into the joint venture's resource pool.

  • The joint venture targets operational readiness by the first half of 2024.

Aircraft Component Assets Fusion in New Joint Venture Plan

TOULOUSE —Air France KLM has entered into exclusive discussions with Airbus, targeting the establishment of a joint venture. This collaboration, as announced in a shared statement, is dedicated to furnishing component support for the technologically advanced Airbus A350 airliner.

The collaborative venture's blueprint envisages the amalgamation of aircraft component assets from both aviation giants, streamlining them into a unified pool for the joint venture. This strategic alignment is orchestrated with an objective to kickstart operations by 2024's initial half.

Reflecting on the collaboration's vision, Anne Brachet, Air France KLM's Executive Vice President of Engineering and Maintenance, remarked, "Our combined expertise, harnessed for the A350, seeks to deliver unparalleled service and know-how to our clientele."