Key Points:

  • Iraqi Airways takes delivery of the fifth and final Airbus A220-300, marking the completion of its initial order.

  • The order for the A220 aircraft was initially placed in 2013 with an intended delivery start in 2016, but the first delivery did not occur until last year.

  • As part of its fleet modernization plan, Iraqi Airways has so far received 12 new aircraft, including Boeing 737 Max 8s and a 787-8, with another 787 expected in September.

Iraqi Airways Completes Airbus A220 Order Initiated in 2013

BAGHDAT — Iraqi Airways has marked the completion of its Airbus A220-300 order with the arrival of its fifth and final aircraft on August 27. The aircraft made its journey from Montreal and stopped in Oslo before reaching its final destination. This milestone wraps up an order that was initially made in 2013, but saw its first delivery delayed until last year.

The Baghdad-based airline had originally signed a letter of intent for up to 16 Airbus A220 twinjets nearly a decade ago, with plans to begin taking delivery in 2016. However, delays meant that the first A220 did not land in Iraq until January of the previous year. Subsequently, the carrier has since received the remaining four aircraft in the order.

Part of a broader modernization strategy, Iraqi Airways has received 12 new aircraft in recent years — including not only the Airbus A220s but also six Boeing 737 Max 8s and a single 787-8. Moreover, the airline disclosed that it expects to add another Boeing 787 to its inventory in September, reinforcing its modernization agenda.

Though the Airbus A220 order has faced delays, it remains an integral part of Iraqi Airways' plan to update its fleet. The carrier has not only met its commitment for five firm orders of the A220 but is also setting its sights on further modernization.

The fleet overhaul comes as the airline aims to stay competitive in the aviation sector. Receiving 12 new aircraft — five Airbus A220-300s, six Boeing 737 Max 8s, and a Boeing 787-8 — not only signals the airline's intent to modernize but also diversify its fleet for varied operational needs.

The completion of the Airbus A220-300 deliveries is a significant step in Iraqi Airways’ larger strategy for modernization. With a second Boeing 787 expected to join the airline's roster next month, the modernization efforts seem far from over.