TAP A320 diverts from Lisbon-Berlin route, makes emergency landing.

Key Points:

  • A technical issue prompted a TAP Airbus A320-214, en route from Lisbon to Berlin, to make an emergency landing in Paris.

  • The incident occurred safely, with firefighters prepared for the aircraft's arrival on French tarmac.

LISBON — After departing Lisbon on its way to Berlin, Germany, a TAP Airbus A320-214 plane experienced a technical hitch that necessitated an unscheduled landing in Paris's Orly Airport. The plane had taken off from the Portuguese capital at 8.30am. When it descended in Paris, firefighters were already stationed on the tarmac, ensuring a safe landing.

While specifics about the incident remain scant, a representative from TAP confirmed the event was due to a "technical problem". The spokesperson underscored that the landing was executed safely, and all passengers are in good condition. They will soon continue on to their ultimate destination.

However, a passenger who had been seated in the business class section during the incident noted a smoke-like scent and expressed disappointment over the insufficient information provided by the airline about the situation.

In recent times, TAP has garnered attention, not always in a positive light. There have been deliberations by the government about divesting a stake in the airline, although they might retain a portion of ownership.