SAUDIA aims to boost Saudi Arabia's tourism with enhanced fleet and job opportunities

  • The A321neo aircraft, with a capacity for 220 passengers, boasts better fuel efficiency, reducing carbon emissions.
  • Since its inception in 2016, the A320neo fleet family has led to a reduction of 20 million tons of carbon.
  • SAUDIA’s fleet expansion aligns with the Kingdom's vision to attract 330 million visitors by 2030, also promising more job opportunities.

RIYADH — Saudia, the Kingdom’s national airline, has unveiled ambitious plans for its fleet expansion, announcing the integration of over 20 state-of-the-art A321neo aircraft by 2026. These additions come under their latest campaign, 'A neo-way of living'. Captain Ibrahim Koshy, SAUDIA CEO, expressed the airline’s enthusiasm, stating, “We are excited to expand our fleet with the new Airbus A321neo aircraft. Our commitment remains in offering an unparalleled guest experience and bridging global connections to Saudi Arabia.”

Notably, the chosen A321neo aircraft is a member of the renowned A320 family. Designed with a two-class interior layout, it can accommodate up to 220 passengers. Its adoption isn’t merely for its seating prowess but for its remarkable environment-friendly features and economic efficiency. The aircraft's ability to operate on significantly less fuel than most contemporary alternatives is noteworthy. Since the roll-out of the A320neo, the fleet has made remarkable strides in environmental conservation, saving a colossal 20 million tons of carbon since 2016.

Such eco-conscious advancements by Airbus are mirrored in the A321neo’s specifications. The aircraft is observed to have a 20 percent decline in fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Further enhancing its appeal is a dramatic 50 percent drop in noise pollution, coupled with a five percent decrease in airframe maintenance expenses and a 14 percent cut in the cost per seat operation. Commending Airbus for their continued pursuit of excellence, Captain Koshy remarked, “Airbus’s constant push for higher aircraft performance aligns seamlessly with SAUDIA’s goals. We aim not only to elevate the passenger experience but also to champion sustainable aviation.”

The overarching vision behind SAUDIA’s fleet expansion is profound. The airline aims to serve as a bridge, hoping to welcome around 330 million visitors to the Kingdom by the end of 2030. This massive influx of visitors is anticipated to be a boon for the employment sector, paving the way for job openings across various roles – from pilots and cabin crew to operational positions.