Denver's significance to United: A hub for growth and training.

Key Points:

  • United Airlines is investing $33 million to acquire 113 acres in Denver.

  • The primary use of this land will be for the expansion of United's Denver pilot training facility.

  • Speculations arise on whether United might relocate its headquarters from Chicago to Denver.

DENVER — United Airlines, based in Chicago, is strategically investing $33 million to secure 113 acres in Denver. The primary intention, as highlighted by the airline, is to expand its renowned Denver pilot training center. This move further solidifies United's commitment to the region, considering Denver's significant role as a major hub for the airline.

Amidst the announcement, questions arose regarding whether United might be considering Denver as a potential location for relocating its corporate headquarters. Addressing this, a United representative emphasized, "The Denver purchase provides us with future options. However, our deep-rooted history in Chicago and our substantial workforce there remains significant."

The acquired land comprises two plots, with one located near Denver International Airport, granting easy access to United's Flight Training Center. Recognizing Denver's importance, the airline pointed out its history and current presence in the city, stating, "Having been established in Chicago for several decades, with thousands employed, our immediate focus is on expanding the Flight Training Center. However, capitalizing on key land opportunities in major cities like Denver is a strategic move."

Reinforcing Denver's importance to United, the airline inaugurated a new four-story building within the training facility just last June. With a dominant presence in the region, United employs roughly 10,000 individuals in Denver and operates over 400 daily flights—more than any other airline.

Speculations of United's potential exit from Chicago sparked memories of previous corporate relocations from Illinois. Notably, Boeing transitioned its headquarters to Arlington, Virginia in May 2022, and Caterpillar, a renowned construction equipment producer, relocated from Deerfield, Illinois, to a Dallas suburb.