Key Points:

  • An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 experienced landing gear problems after touching down at John Wayne Airport.

  • 106 individuals, encompassing both passengers and crew, were safely evacuated and shuttled to the terminal.

  • The FAA is spearheading an investigation, while Alaska Airlines emphasizes its commitment to safety and customer care.

Alaska Airlines Flight Faces Landing Gear Issues at John Wayne Airport

SANTA ANA — An unforeseen issue with the landing gear of a Boeing 737 compelled Alaska Airlines passengers to vacate the plane on a taxiway after their arrival at John Wayne Airport on Sunday night. The aircraft, which began its journey from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, touched down in Santa Ana around 11:30 p.m. However, as the plane taxied to its designated gate, the crew encountered challenges with its landing gear.

The malfunctioning gear necessitated that the plane halt its progress on the taxiway. It was here that passengers disembarked and were subsequently transported to the terminal building using buses. Alaska Airlines issued an official statement, noting that the aircraft was stationed on the taxiway overnight for further assessment.

With 106 individuals, including both crew members and passengers, aboard the flight, Alaska Airlines has confirmed that thankfully, no injuries were reported. As for the root cause of the landing gear dilemma – whether it was a consequence of the landing process or another factor remains ambiguous at this juncture.

In response to this incident, both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Alaska Airlines' dedicated maintenance teams are meticulously inspecting the aircraft. Alaska Airlines expressed their commitment to prioritizing the welfare of those on board: “The safety of our guests and employees remains paramount. Although such incidents are infrequent, our teams undergo rigorous training to adeptly navigate a myriad of scenarios." The airline also extended its gratitude to the passengers for their patience, assuring them that every effort is being made to retrieve their checked luggage.

The Orange County Fire Authority was summoned to the location to aid in the evacuation process. Thanks to regular training collaborations with the airport's staff, officials reported that the response to the event was executed seamlessly. This cohesive effort ensured the safety of all those involved.