Southwest Airlines jet makes emergency return to Houston after engine fire.

Key Points:

  • A Southwest Airlines plane en route to Cancun experienced flames in one of its engines shortly after departure.

  • The aircraft promptly returned to William P Hobby Airport in Houston, approximately 30 minutes post-take-off.

  • Following the incident, the Dallas-based airline has taken the aircraft out of service for a thorough investigation.

HOUSTON — A Boeing 737 operated by Southwest Airlines, en route to Cancun International Airport, had to make an unscheduled return to Houston's William P Hobby Airport LAST week due to a startling engine fire. Shortly after the plane took off, videos emerged displaying flames emanating from one of its engines.

Passenger Jordan Kleinecke recounted the unsettling experience to ABC News, stating, “We felt a sudden jolt, similar to an air pocket. This was followed by a distinct 'boom' and a subsequent odor that resembled fuel.”

The Dallas-based carrier confirmed that the plane encountered a 'mechanical issue' not long after its ascent. Ensuring the safety of its passengers and crew, the airline promptly landed the aircraft without further incidents. As a precautionary measure and to conduct a comprehensive review, Southwest Airlines has since removed the affected plane from active service.