A350's fuel efficiency paves way for Fiji Airways’ expansion.

Key Points:

  • The newly acquired Airbus A350-900XWB, named the Island of Beqa, is the third of its kind in the Fiji Airways fleet and stands as a symbol of the airline's commitment to modernization.

  • With advantages such as fuel efficiency and significant cargo capacity, the new A350 aircraft is expected to enhance the airline’s operational capabilities, particularly for long-haul flights.

  • Fiji Airways recognizes its pivotal role in bolstering Fiji's tourism sector and is actively exploring new destinations to further extend its global network.

SUVA — In a move towards fleet modernization, Fiji Airways has proudly welcomed its latest Airbus A350-900XWB, christened the "Island of Beqa". As the third A350 in the airline’s possession, this aircraft is renowned for its excellence in executing long-range flights.

Company CEO, Mr Andre Viljoen, emphasizes the airline's dedication to fleet advancement, highlighting the introduction of 'new generation' aircraft like the Airbus A350 as a core tenet of their strategy since 2017. The Island of Beqa is a testament to this commitment, acquired after skillful negotiations, especially considering it had been stored immediately post-manufacture.

Touting the aircraft's state-of-the-art design, Mr Viljoen detailed its cutting-edge aerodynamics, next-gen engines, and use of lightweight materials, which collectively contribute to a 25% boost in fuel efficiency, CO2 emissions, and operating costs over earlier models.

This aircraft acquisition further consolidates Fiji Airways' operational capacities, particularly bolstering flight offerings to key markets including Australia, New Zealand, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Hong Kong — a primary conduit to China. Mr Viljoen further accentuated the company's role in Fiji's tourism sector, stating, "We contribute to 70% of Fiji’s visitor inflow and significantly influence the nation's tourism landscape, which constitutes 45% of Fiji's GDP."

The inclusion of these advanced aircraft in the airline's fleet not only supports the airline’s dedication to tourism growth but also offers opportunities to explore deeper into regions like the U.S. and Canada. Among the destinations Fiji Airways is contemplating for future expansion are Dallas, Seattle, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Noumea, Wallis, Rarotonga, Port Moresby, and additional Australian locales.