Key Points:

  • Corendon Airlines will introduce an 'Only Adult' zone for travelers 16 and older on its flights between Amsterdam and Curacao, beginning November 3.

  • The airline is charging an additional fee for the privilege, with rates starting at 45 euros (US$49) for standard seating and US$100 for XL seating.

  • Corendon is the first Dutch airline to offer a child-free zone, a trend that follows similar initiatives by airlines like AirAsia X and Scoot.

Child-Free Cabin Space Offered for a Premium on Corendon's Airbus A350-900

AMSTERDAM — Corendon Airlines, a Turkish-Dutch carrier, has announced the launch of an 'Only Adult' seating zone for travelers aged 16 and over on its 10-hour flights connecting Amsterdam with Curacao in the Caribbean. The airline stated that the premium section will be situated in the first 12 rows of its Airbus A350-900 aircraft operated by World2fly. The plane features 93 standard seats and nine extra-large seats, all partitioned off from the main cabin.

"The purpose of this adults-only section is to accommodate passengers traveling without children, as well as business travelers who prefer a quiet workspace," Corendon Airlines declared in a press statement. Starting November 3, passengers will have the option to pay an extra fee for this privilege, with rates set at 45 euros (approximately US$49) for standard seats and US$100 for extra-large ones.

Atilla Uslu, the airline's founder, explained in a statement on Corendon's website, "We aim to cater to the diverse requirements of our clientele." He continued to say that the new zone is not only expected to appeal to those seeking a tranquil journey but could also be beneficial for families with young children. "Parents can have a more relaxed flight experience without the concern of their children causing disturbances," said Uslu.

The airline will be the first in the Netherlands to offer such an amenity. Corendon's move is part of an industry trend toward more personalized in-flight experiences. Other airlines have also taken steps to cater to passengers looking for a quiet environment; AirAsia X restricts its quiet zones to passengers over the age of 10, while Singapore's Scoot offers Scoot-in-Silence areas exclusively for passengers aged 12 and above.