Key Points:

  • BermudAir's luxury Embraer 175, with a 30-passenger capacity, safely landed at LF Wade International Airport from Canada.

  • The airline has gained the necessary approvals from the US Department of Transportation and the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority.

  • Adam Scott envisions BermudAir to enhance Bermuda’s status as an international business and tourism hotspot.

BermudAir gears up for premier service, aiming to boost Bermuda tourism

HAMILTON —Bermuda is set to welcome its first independent airline. BermudAir marked a significant milestone as its luxury Embraer 175 jet, capable of carrying 30 passengers, touched down on the island from a Muskoka, Canada airport.

A representative from the company confirmed the jet's arrival at LF Wade International Airport and mentioned, “This is another key milestone towards BermudAir's launch.” The jet will remain on the island for a short duration, engaging in various flights before heading back to Canada to wrap up its final operational launch preparations.

While BermudAir had previously received an Air Operator Certificate from the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority, it had to await clearance from stringent US oversight processes. It was only after obtaining approvals from the US Department of Transportation earlier this month that the airline came closer to its operational inception.

Adam Scott, a Canadian banker and the brainchild behind BermudAir, envisions the airline playing a pivotal role in strengthening Bermuda’s international prominence both as a business hub and a prime tourism destination. His vision is backed by prominent Bermudians who believe in the project's potential. At a recent press briefing, Scott remarked, “Both the BCAA and BermudAir teams have worked tirelessly to reach this point. We're committed to being the embodiment of Bermuda in the aviation sector, which includes having Bermudians play key roles in our organization.”

Furthermore, Scott emphasized BermudAir's dedication to top-tier service, noting, “We see a golden opportunity in this unique market to offer a premier flying experience, thereby attracting more premium business and leisure travelers to Bermuda. Our goal is to give passengers an authentic Bermuda experience, from the unique on-board offerings to the warmth of our island's famous hospitality.”

Although the pricing details remain under wraps, the airline's focus will be on catering to business-class travelers with its two leased Embraer 175s. Destinations on the radar include White Plains, New York, situated near the prosperous Westchester County, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Boston. Notably, the jet that recently graced Bermuda's shores sported BermudAir’s vibrant aquatic-themed livery, encapsulating the spirit of the island.