Beond aims to connect Maldives to 60 global destinations with all-business class aircraft.

Key Points:

  • Beond aims to revamp business class air travel, starting with Airbus A319s before transitioning to the Airbus A321 featuring 68 flat seats.

  • The airline seeks to offer a "premium leisure airline" experience, marked by Italian firm Optimares-designed interiors, top-notch meals, and utmost comfort.

  • CEO Tero Taskila emphasizes Beond's commitment to superior customer experiences and broadened global connectivity from the Maldives.

MALE — The Maldives is set to witness a transformation in its aviation sector as Beond, an all-business-class airline, unveils further information ahead of its anticipated launch in fall 2023. Established in 2022, Beond's debut will initially leverage the Airbus A319, accommodating 44 passengers, paving the way for the Airbus A321, which is designed with 68 luxurious flat seats.

Beond's inaugural routes will establish connections between the Maldives and key destinations - Dubai and Delhi. This connectivity strategy signals the airline's commitment to diversifying travel options from the tropical nation.

The airline has collaborated with the Italian firm, Optimares, for crafting refined interiors that ooze sophistication. Beond aspires to redefine the notion of a "premium leisure airline," with an emphasis on elegant interiors, culinary excellence, and passenger comfort.

Boosted by a recent influx of $17 million from an investment round, Beond is on a robust expansion trajectory. This financial backing facilitated team augmentation, intensified sales operations, and the acquisition of a new aircraft. Expressing his enthusiasm, Tero Taskila, the airline's Chairman and CEO, stated in a recent press release the company's mission to seamlessly meld stellar customer experiences with impeccable service.

The future looks promising for Beond as its expansive vision illuminates the roadmap. The company envisages seamless, nonstop connections linking the Maldives to an impressive 60 destinations sprawled across continents - Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

As the leaves change and fall 2023 beckons, the aviation industry braces for Beond's disruptive foray, promising a fresh perspective on business class air travel with Maldivian roots.