Akasa's Fleet Expansion Continues with the Acquisition of More Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft

  • With the addition of its 20th aircraft, Akasa Air now meets the Indian regulations to commence international flights.
  • Akasa Air becomes Asia's first airline to introduce the Boeing 737-8-200 model to its fleet.
  • Vinay Dube, Akasa Air's CEO, lauds the airline's rapid growth and consistent punctuality in 2023.

MUMBAI — India's new airline operator Akasa Air announced its eligibility for international operations with the induction of its 20th aircraft into the fleet on Tuesday. This milestone, achieved as the carrier nears its first anniversary on August 7, signifies a notable achievement in the aviation sector.

Furthermore, this addition has bestowed upon Akasa Air the distinct honor of being the first airline in Asia to house the unique Boeing 737-8-200 variant. A statement from the airline revealed that this specific aircraft model supports the airline's ongoing endeavors to efficiently manage its operational costs.

Akasa's acquisition pace is impressive, having added this latest aircraft just four months after the previous one. "Our journey from starting with zero to boasting a fleet of 20 aircraft within a single year reflects not only Akasa's capabilities but also underscores the immense potential of our nation," commented Vinay Dube, the Founder and CEO of Akasa Air. The CEO further highlighted the airline's commendable record of consistent on-time performance throughout several months of 2023.

Providing further details on the latest addition, the airline stated that the B737-8-200 was handed over to them at Boeing's facility in Seattle, USA, on July 28. Following this, the aircraft landed in Bengaluru at precisely 9:31 hours on Tuesday.

Looking back at Akasa Air's aircraft acquisition strategy, it's evident that the airline has been proactive in its growth endeavors. The airline had committed to a significant order of 72 planes in 2021, leading up to its official launch. This impressive order consisted of 23 units of the 737-8s and an additional 53 units of the high-capacity 737-8-200 aircraft. Furthermore, as recently as June this year, Akasa announced plans to further bolster its fleet with four more Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

Brad McMullen, Boeing's Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales and Marketing, spoke favorably about the airline's choice, stating, "The 737-8-200, with its fine balance between cost efficiency and unmatched passenger experience, is an ideal match for Akasa Air."

Concluding with the current operational snapshot, Akasa Air conducts over 900 weekly flights, connecting a robust network of 16 cities.