Boeing successfully re-markets surplus MAX jets to Air India amidst Chinese halt.

Key Points:

  • Air India's acquisition of 55 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft initially meant for Chinese clients, as part of a 190-jet order.

  • Despite not revealing buyers' names during an earnings call, Boeing confirmed the sale of surplus MAX jets.

  • Air India is expected to reconfigure these jets, as Chinese airlines haven't resumed accepting Boeing 737 MAX deliveries.

ARLINGTON — Boeing's recent remarketing move sees Air India gaining 55 Boeing 737 MAX planes initially slated for Chinese customers. This transaction, as cited by Leeham News sources, is in line with Air India’s pre-existing agreement for 190 jets, Airways Magazine reports.

In a recent earnings report, Boeing announced the successful placement of surplus MAX aircraft. Although specific buyers' identities remained under wraps, Brian West, Boeing’s CFO, mentioned that out of the 228 MAX Air India planes in their second-quarter inventory, 85 were destined for China. Of these, 55 have been reallocated according to the new plan.

Rumors hinting at Boeing's intentions to transfer a portion of the 140 aircraft to Air India cropped up towards the end of 2022. This follows Boeing’s initial announcement to remarket the 737 MAX for China in September 2022, though plans were halted early the following year.

Air India's new acquisition will include the direct order of 140 Boeing 737-8s and 50 Boeing 737-10s. However, the integration will demand reconfiguration of these aircraft originally mapped for Chinese clientele, as indicated by ch-aviation.

Dave Calhoun, Boeing’s Chief Executive, expressed satisfaction with the MAX fleet's performance and its proven reliability, particularly as it gradually returns to service globally. Despite his optimism about resuming deliveries, Calhoun was cautious in forecasting any specific timeline and emphasized Boeing's consistent management approach in addressing the situation.

It's worth noting that, despite the airplane type largely resuming service in China, Chinese airlines haven’t restarted the reception of Boeing 737 MAX deliveries. In June, Boeing's official WeChat account reported that almost 90% of its 737 MAX aircraft bound for China were back in commercial operations.