Air India unveils dynamic new livery ahead of new aircraft arrivals.

Key Points:

  • Air India introduces a fresh livery scheme featuring a new font and a red-gold-purple fin motif reminiscent of a traditional Indian window-frame.

  • The airline's transformation, guided by Tata Group, aims to position Air India as a global leader, with the new 'Vista' logo symbolizing limitless potential.

  • The airline's future plans include a mix of purchasing and leasing aircrafts, with a significant portion of the fleet set to be upgraded by March 2024.

NEW DELHI — As part of its ambitious transformation program, Air India has rolled out a revamped livery scheme. The innovative design, which will grace the airline's forthcoming Airbus A350 later this year, draws inspiration from traditional Indian aesthetics.

Tata Group, the airline's owner, is spearheading the transformation, which is set to redefine Air India's brand. The rejuvenated livery, developed in collaboration with FutureBrand specialists, presents a new font and a distinctive red-gold-purple fin motif that echoes a classic Indian window-frame pattern. Dubbed 'Vista' by the airline, the logo embodies “limitless possibilities, progressiveness, and the airline’s forward-looking vision,” Air India shared.

Campbell Wilson, Air India's chief executive, remarked, “Our reinvigorated brand showcases our aspiration to position Air India as a premier global airline serving an international clientele.” He further emphasized, "While our design elements – colors, patterns, and shapes – carry significant meaning, our ongoing actions and initiatives are what truly define us. We’re committed to fully transforming India’s flagship airline."

This unveiling coincides with Air India's announcement of an extensive order of 470 aircraft, marking a significant step towards modernizing its fleet. With a clear roadmap ahead, the airline plans to acquire and lease 20 long-haul aircraft this year, initiating a comprehensive overhaul. Furthermore, from next year onwards, Air India will commence a refurbishment program for 43 of its older aircraft. By March 2024, the airline envisions that a third of its widebody fleet will have been upgraded. And within the subsequent two-and-a-half years, its entire long-haul fleet is expected to undergo a complete transformation.