Sochi-Tbilisi flights take Off again as Russian carrier Red Wings paves way for reconnection.

After a halt in 2019, air services between Sochi and Tbilisi have now been reinstated as of Tuesday, with the inaugural flight departing from Sochi International Airport to Georgia. The Red Wings airline, as confirmed by the airport's press service, is spearheading these operations.

The airport's press service acknowledged the successful take-off, although it was noted that the original 2:00 p.m. Moscow time schedule had been adjusted. Presently, the most efficient route between Sochi and Tbilisi is through Batumi.

In recent developments, Russian President Vladimir Putin enacted a decree eliminating the visa requirements for Georgian citizens, effective from May 15. Simultaneously, he annulled the ban on Russian airlines' flights and tour sales to Georgia, which had been enforced since 2019.

Following these reforms, the first flight from Moscow in four years, operated by Russian airline Azimuth, touched down at Tbilisi International Airport on May 19. A day later, Georgia’s national carrier, Georgian Airways, initiated direct flights.