Emergency response deployed as Hawaiian Airlines flight faces violent turbulence, hospitalizing passengers.

Three passengers of Hawaiian Airlines were hospitalized after the flight encountered severe turbulence during its journey from Honolulu to Sydney. The incident occurred approximately five hours into the flight, catching the passengers off guard. The plane safely landed at Sydney airport on Friday night, where emergency services promptly attended to the situation. 

A spokesperson for the New South Wales ambulance service confirmed that 12 individuals were examined upon landing. Out of those, three passengers required hospitalization to receive treatment for their injuries. Meanwhile, the airline's crew members and additional passengers received initial medical attention on the Airbus A330 aircraft.

In response to the incident, a spokesperson from Hawaiian Airlines expressed their primary concern for the well-being of the affected passengers and crew members. They extended their gratitude to the first responders at Sydney airport for their prompt assistance. Following a thorough inspection, the aircraft was deemed safe and subsequently returned to Honolulu later that evening.

A passenger onboard the flight recounted the unexpected nature of the turbulence, describing how the passengers began to jostle as the plane encountered turbulence and suddenly dropped. The witness mentioned an incident where an unrestrained passenger narrowly avoided hitting the ceiling, thanks to the intervention of her husband. Some passengers and a crew member resorted to using ice packs to soothe their heads.

The occurrence of strong winds in Sydney led to the cancellation of over 100 flights by Qantas, Virgin, and Jetstar on the same day, as reported by Daily Mail Australia.

Insider reached out to Hawaiian Airlines for comment but did not receive an immediate response due to the request being made outside of regular working hours.