The aircraft, one 747SP and one 747-200, have been stationed at Tozeur-Nefta airport since post-Gulf War times.

Potential bidders must make a deposit equal to 20% of the estimated aircraft value of $494,000 to the Iraqi ministry of finance.

After the sale, specific conditions will govern the utilization of the planes.

BAGHDAT —Two Boeing 747s, which had their service days end post-Gulf War, are now up for auction by Iraqi Airways. Stationed at Tozeur-Nefta airport in western Tunisia since their manufacturing in 1982, the aircraft, designated 747SP (YI-ALM) and 747-200 (YI-AGP), are equipped with Pratt & Whitney JT9D engines.

Prospective buyers will be keen to know that each plane comes with an appraisal value of $494,000. To participate in the 16 August auction, bidders are required to make a deposit, which amounts to 20% of the aircraft's assessed value, with the Iraqi ministry of finance. Once the gavel falls in favor of the winning bidder, they will be given a week's time to wrap up the acquisition.

However, Iraqi Airways hasn't left the future of these planes entirely to the whims of the highest bidder. The airline has stipulated specific terms governing the planes' utilization once they change hands.

While these older models are finding new homes, Iraqi Airways isn't dwelling in the past. The airline's fleet is getting a facelift, as it integrates the likes of Boeing 787 and 737 Max, along with the Airbus A220.