• Aeroexpress Regional's Embraer 120ER aircraft successfully executed its first test flight from Budapest to the new airport in Gyergyóremete, Harghita County.

  • Spearheaded by entrepreneur Attila Balázs and the Bayer Construct consortium, the airport project is currently at its midpoint.

  • The introduction of the air route between Budapest and Gyergyóremete will notably reduce travel time.

The maiden test flight from Budapest to Gyergyóremete in Harghita County was recently executed by Aeroexpress Regional's Embraer 120ER aircraft, as reported by Székelyhon.

Following the successful landing, Tihamér Barti, Vice President of the Harghita County Council, lauded the realization of years of hard work and emphasized its potential economic and connectivity benefits for Szeklerland. Even though Gyergyóremete Mayor Elemér Laczkó-Albert expressed initial skepticism about the project's feasibility, he now envisions it expanding beyond the municipal and even county borders.

The ambitious airport project is chiefly backed by local entrepreneur Attila Balázs and his business consortium, Bayer Construct. Although currently halfway to completion with the construction of hangars and the passenger terminal pending and awaiting necessary permits, Balázs is optimistic about initiating regular flight operations within the forthcoming year. Once operational, the daily flights aim mainly to cater to the employees of the investing group, with the overarching goal of accommodating 10 to 15,000 passengers annually.

The flight connection between Budapest and Gyergyóremete dramatically reduces travel time. What would be a 15-hour bus journey or a potentially shorter trip through other cities like Cluj-Napoca, Arad, or Târgu Mureș (due to existing Schengen checks) now merely takes one and a half hours by air. Dániel Somogyi Tóth, Vice President of Aeroexpress Regional, noted the strategic significance of the air link, citing how countries like Finland utilize aviation to access remote regions.

The Remetea airport will be officially designated as LRHR, amalgamating Romania's air traffic code (LR) with the name of Harghita County.