Hydraulic issue forces easyJet flight to return to Gatwick

  • easyJet flight U26427 made an emergency landing at Gatwick Airport shortly after takeoff due to a hydraulic issue.
  • The Airbus A320-214 circled near Crowborough before returning to land at Gatwick.
  • easyJet's spokesperson emphasized passenger safety as their highest priority, confirming the landing followed standard procedures.

LONDON —After a technical concern arose shortly post-takeoff, easyJet's Flight U26427, en route to Dubrovnik, Croatia, was obliged to circle back and make an emergency landing at Gatwick Airport. This Airbus A320-214, which took off around 8.12am, was monitored by Flight Radar. The tracking showed an initial normal flight trajectory, but it later made several rounds near Crowborough before deciding to return to its departure airport.

Emergency services swiftly met the plane once it touched down at Gatwick, escorting it off the runway. This step was taken purely as a safety measure, ensuring the passengers' prompt disembarkation, a spokesperson said.

The spokesperson for easyJet commented on the incident, stating: "Flight EZY6427, which was scheduled from London Gatwick to Dubrovnik this morning, was redirected mid-air due to a technical anomaly. Upholding our protocols, the captain executed a standard landing." Reiterating the airline's commitment to safety, the representative emphasized that every operation is executed in strict adherence to manufacturers' guidelines, with the welfare of passengers and crew as their utmost priority.