Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport earns top 5 Spot in global airport ranking.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has cemented its standing as a global aviation powerhouse, securing fifth place in the 'Best Airports in the World 2023' report by Cabin Crew HQ. Despite being the world's second busiest airport with a staggering 73.36 million passengers, DFW has demonstrated that heavy traffic does not necessarily compromise service excellence or operational efficiency.

Airports play an understated yet integral role in shaping passengers' experiences, with variables such as luggage handling, flight punctuality, transit amenities, and staff conduct all contributing to the overall impression. Cabin Crew HQ's report took into account a plethora of factors including passenger volume, on-time flight percentages, parking costs, traveler drop-off expenses, and the diversity of dining and retail options on offer. The intention behind this exhaustive study was to identify the airports that best balance cost-effectiveness, time-efficiency, and diverse customer amenities.

DFW distinguished itself with an impressive on-time flight record, with 75% of its flights adhering to schedule, a commendable statistic given the airport's heavy traffic. This figure compares favorably with the 88.4% on-time record of Tokyo International Airport, the top-rated airport in the survey.

DFW also earned points for affordability, charging a mere $2 for the shortest parking duration. Long-term parking, however, is steeper, with a week's stay costing $105. The airport's comprehensive retail and dining portfolio, encompassing a total of 191 establishments, further boosted its ranking.

The report revealed that DFW was the highest-ranked Texan airport, with Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport placing sixth. The top ten list included Tokyo International Airport at the top spot, followed by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, O'Hare International Airport, and Mexico City International Airport. The remaining five spots were occupied by George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Indira Gandhi International Airport, Denver International Airport, Istanbul International Airport, and Charlotte Douglas International Airport.