Teleport's ambitious roll-out of Airbus A321 Freighters boosts Southeast Asia logistics presence.

Malaysian Capital A's logistic division, Teleport, is taking a significant step forward in its growth strategy, initiating the roll-out of its proprietary fleet of freight aircraft as it cements its place as the leading logistics provider in Southeast Asia.

Teleport's CEO, Pete Chareonwongsak, announced that the firm has commissioned three Airbus A321 cargo aircraft via parent company, Capital A, which presides over AirAsia. The unveiling of the first of these planes, donning the Teleport branding, took place on Wednesday, with all three scheduled for delivery by year-end.

Chareonwongsak commented on the development in an interview, characterizing the first five years of the company's plan as intermittent but expressing enthusiasm for the next phase. "We're excited to build from a solid foundation and usher in an era where our own freighters allow us to join the ranks of the industry giants," he stated.

Launched in 2018 to exploit Capital A’s aircraft optimally, Teleport currently shifts 1,500 tons of cargo monthly in Southeast Asia, predominantly utilizing AirAsia's fleet of 204 passenger aircraft. Globally, the firm delivers 20,000 tons of express cargo each month.

The company's aspirations include expanding its dedicated freighter fleet to 100 aircraft and seeking a public listing, aligning with Capital A's strategic move to segregate its businesses to maximize value. Chareonwongsak, an original member of the Teleport team, anticipates the most fruitful years lie just ahead.

Staying true to its parent company, Teleport upholds a minimalist business model focused on providing the most cost-effective service possible. The firm guarantees 24-hour, end-to-end fulfillment in any of the 80 Southeast Asian cities it serves, underpinned by a fully digitized workflow to minimize expenses.

Emphasizing the firm's competitive pricing, Chareonwongsak stated, "If transporting something costs $50 with another company, we don't aim to undercut them by a few dollars. Our goal is to do it for $5, making the service more accessible."

As Teleport expands, the firm plans to offer its competitors cargo space on its freighters. This strategy aims to reduce delivery times across the region and foster resource-sharing.

Tony Fernandes, CEO of Capital A, said during the freighter's unveiling that the group's diversification would "unlock remarkable opportunities and deliver exceptional value" to its clientele.