• Rex Airlines is expanding its fleet by leasing two more Boeing 737-800NGs, bringing its total 737 count to nine.

  • The airline is set to initiate daily routes between Melbourne and Hobart on 17 August, building upon its recent launch between Sydney and Adelaide.

  • Deputy Chairman, the Hon. John Sharp AM, highlighted Rex's strategy of balanced growth and hinted at the possibility of adding two more 737-800NGs by the end of the financial year.

Australian budget carrier Rex Airlines has secured leases for two more Boeing 737-800NGs, elevating its 737 fleet to nine and reinforcing its national expansion objectives. The airline expects the newly leased aircraft to arrive by the end of July and mid-September, with the inaugural plane commencing operations by mid-August.

This augmentation comes as Rex is set to launch daily routes between Melbourne and Hobart starting 17 August, closely following its new connection between Sydney and Adelaide introduced seven weeks prior.

Rex's Deputy Chairman, the Hon. John Sharp AM, emphasized the acquisition's role in the airline's vision to provide service between all Australian capital cities. He hinted at a potential inclusion of another two 737-800NGs to Rex's roster by the fiscal year's close, underscoring the airline's approach to gradual growth that aligns capacity with demand. Sharp commented on the industry's fluidity, stating, "aviation is a dynamic industry where the only constant is change."

Currently serving major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Canberra, along with the Gold Coast, Rex has opened the floor for other cities interested in availing of its low-fare service.