Investigation underway as American Airlines jet suffers boarding bridge collapse at Dublin Airport.

In a startling incident at Dublin Airport's Terminal 2, an American Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (N812AA), slated for flight AA723 to Philadelphia, suffered a significant setback as a boarding bridge unexpectedly collapsed, causing the aircraft's door 2L to be detached.

The airport operator, daa, verified the occurrence of this mishap on Sunday, however, gratefully reported that the event had not resulted in any passenger or crew injuries. The incident, marking a serious concern for aviation safety, has compelled the notification of the Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU).

The AAIU, the Irish authority in charge of probing into airplane accidents and high-risk incidents, has taken over the investigation into this unforeseen incident. In addition to its local jurisdiction, the AAIU is also equipped to offer support to foreign safety investigation authorities. The outcome of their investigation will be eagerly anticipated as they aim to decipher the root cause of this troubling event at Dublin Airport.