BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — United vs. Delta: unforeseen contact between two aircraft at Boston Logan International.

In a startling incident at Boston Logan International Airport, a United Airlines aircraft made unintended contact with a Delta plane this past Friday evening. The mishap occurred during a taxing operation that resulted in the United Airlines flight brushing against the tail-end of the Delta aircraft.

The episode, which transpired at approximately 7:20 pm, involved the United Airlines plane maneuvering towards a holding area on the tarmac. The Federal Aviation Administration, overseeing the inquiry into the event, explained that during this course of action, the wing of the United flight inadvertently clipped the Delta plane's tail.

In what comes as a relief amidst the alarming occurrence, there have been no reported injuries. The situation continues to be closely monitored by aviation authorities as they work towards understanding the events leading to the unfortunate mishap.