BAGHDAT, IRAQ — Iraqi Airways leverages Boeing acquisition to fuel global reach and sustainable growth.

In a strategic move to expand its long-haul network and forge stronger connections to international destinations, Iraq's national airline has acquired the first of 10 Boeing 787s on order.

This acquisition, part of a broader fleet expansion initiative, comes on the heels of four Boeing 737 MAX airplanes delivered since February. The purchase agreement with Boeing encompasses six 737-8s and 10 737-10s, equipping the airline's single-aisle fleet for enhanced performance across regional and medium-range routes.

Operating from the hub of Baghdad, Iraqi Airways provides services to over 50 global destinations. This fleet augmentation not only aims to accommodate the burgeoning demand for both business and leisure travel to and from Iraq, but it also mirrors the country's burgeoning stability and economic growth. As forecasted, Iraq is set to achieve an annual GDP growth rate of 7% by the close of 2023.

Simultaneously, the aviation industry is witnessing a robust recovery following a global slump, with Middle Eastern airlines registering a traffic surge of over 40% compared to the previous year.

The 787-8 Dreamliner is a versatile asset to the fleet, capable of carrying 248 passengers across distances of up to 7,305 nautical miles (13,530 km) in a typical two-class seating arrangement. In comparison to its predecessors, the Dreamliner boasts a 25% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions, attributing to a remarkable reduction of over 141 billion pounds of carbon emissions since its introduction in 2011.

Beyond the recently acquired 737-8s and 787-8, the Iraqi Airways fleet includes an array of over 40 Boeing airplanes, such as the 737-800s, 747s, and 777s. This dynamic fleet enables the airline to maintain a robust network connecting Baghdad with over 50 international destinations.