NEW DELHI, INDIA — SpiceJet plans to lease ten Boeing planes by October despite financial bottle neck.

Struggling to remain operational due to the grounding of several aircraft over payment disputes with lessors, Indian budget airline SpiceJet announced plans to add ten narrow-body Boeing planes, including five B737 Max models, to its fleet on a lease basis by October. 

In the meantime, the airline is focused on reinstating and reinvigorating its grounded aircraft, which it expects to bring back into service soon, according to a company statement on Friday.

SpiceJet's Chairman and Managing Director, Ajay Singh, stated, "We are preparing to introduce 10 B737 planes between September and October. These aircraft, coming into service during India's peak travel season, will allow us to launch new routes and bolster our existing services." The company has already finalized a lease agreement for the ten aircraft, which will begin joining the fleet in September to meet escalating demand.

Singh noted a marked increase in passenger demand, expressing optimism that this trend would persist into the latter part of the year. In response, SpiceJet is planning to expand its capacity to meet the evolving needs of the Indian aviation market.