PARIS, FRANCE — Airbus-IndiGo partnership reaches new heights with record-setting 500 plane order.

Breaking all previous records, India's premier carrier IndiGo has cemented its status as a dominant force in global aviation, signing the largest single purchase agreement ever recorded in commercial flight history. The airline has confirmed a solid order for 500 A320 Family aircraft, propelling its total tally of Airbus planes on order to an unprecedented 1,330.

This grand-scale acquisition agreement was inked at the Paris Air Show 2023. Lending their signatures to the historic pact were key figures from both companies, including IndiGo's Promoter & Managing Director Rahul Bhatia, Chairman Dr. Venkataramani Sumantran, and CEO Pieter Elbers, along with Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury and Chief Commercial Officer Christian Scherer.

Pieter Elbers, in his capacity as IndiGo's CEO, reflected on the enormity of the deal, saying, "This historic order for 500 Airbus A320 Family aircraft underscores the depth of IndiGo's commitment to propelling India's economic growth, social unity, and mobility. With an order book swelling to nearly 1,000 aircraft for the next decade, we are poised to strengthen our foothold as India's favorite airline and rise as a leading carrier worldwide. The scale of this order underscores our unshakeable faith in India's growth potential, the A320 Family, and our invaluable strategic alliance with Airbus."

Christian Scherer of Airbus echoed the sentiment, highlighting the shared success story and future potential of the IndiGo-Airbus collaboration. "This milestone order testifies to our robust partnership with IndiGo, which has played an instrumental role in making air travel affordable for countless individuals in the world's most rapidly expanding aviation market. The A320 Family's unrivaled operating economics have powered IndiGo's remarkable growth trajectory for nearly two decades. We look forward to fortifying our contribution to India's air connectivity, both domestically and internationally, through the enhancement of this formidable alliance."

Headquartered in New Delhi, IndiGo has emerged as one of the swiftest growing airlines on the globe. Since the delivery of its maiden A320neo aircraft in March 2016, its fleet has swelled to become one of the largest worldwide, boasting 264 aircraft in operation.

Starting with its first Airbus order in 2005, IndiGo has progressively built up an impressive Airbus fleet that includes 162 A320neo, 79 A321neo, 21 A320ceo, and 2 A321 freighters. The A320 Neo family aircraft have logged a staggering 8,700-plus orders from over 130 customers to date, further demonstrating their popularity among global airlines.