ISTANBUL, TURKEY — Boeing 777X, Airbus A350 among considerations in Emirates' fleet expansion plan.

Gulf-based carrier Emirates Airlines is considering an additional order of Airbus A350, Boeing 777X or 787 jets, according to a statement made by President Tim Clark on Tuesday. The potential order is in line with the carrier's efforts to revamp its fleet in anticipation of increased demand extending into the 2030s.

Clark didn't disclose the exact number of aircraft involved but emphasized the airline's intention to purchase several additional planes. Boeing's 777X, a family of two large twin-engine aircraft that includes the 400-seat 777-9 and smaller 777-8, has faced multiple delays in its entry into service due to certification and engine development hurdles, with an expected delivery now in 2025. Emirates previously lowered its order for the 777X from 150 to 126 jets in a 2019 deal which also included 30 787 Dreamliners.

Despite the challenges with the 777X, Clark expressed optimism about Boeing's ability to deliver, predicting the arrival of the first aircraft in late 2025. This aligns with statements made by Boeing officials at a recent media briefing confirming that the 777X is set to be certified and delivered by 2025.

Emirates Group announced a record profit of 10.9 billion dirhams ($3 billion) for the 2022-23 fiscal year, citing a full recovery from the pandemic. The demand for Emirates services continues to exceed their capacity, with Clark noting that their results for the first two months of the current year have already surpassed last year's numbers.

In other developments, Clark revealed progress on a much-delayed project to expand the terminal at Dubai's second hub, indicating a decision on the new airport is imminent. The airline hopes the project will be completed by 2032 or 2033. The proposed expansion of Dubai’s Al Maktoum International, initially scheduled for completion in 2025, has been stalled since 2018. Once finished, the airport is expected to accommodate 120 million passengers annually.