Boeing's 737 MAX makes a strong comeback, Boeing 737 MAX jets nearly fully operational in China.

Boeing has announced that approximately 90% of its 737 MAX aircraft in China have returned to commercial service as of June's end, a statement released via its official WeChat account confirmed last Wednesday.

In the statement, Boeing China's President, Sherry Carbary, disclosed that several planes have already been deployed to serve regional international routes.

China had previously imposed a country-wide grounding of all Boeing 737 MAX aircraft following the tragic crash of an Ethiopian Airlines-operated 737 MAX jet in March 2019. This was the second fatal accident involving this model within a span of just five months.

Reliable sources confirm that all 96 Boeing 737 MAX jets in Chinese carriers' fleets were grounded in the aftermath of the accidents. Leading the way in reintroducing the aircraft, China Southern Airlines, a state-owned entity, recommenced 737 MAX flights in January.

Subsequently, other Chinese airlines have been cautiously reviving the operation of this model. By April, Boeing reported that approximately 50% of the 737 MAX fleet in China was back in the air.

"By the close of June, nearly 90 per cent of the 737 MAX fleet in China had recommenced commercial operations. Several of these planes are now operating on regional international routes, linking domestic cities with various destinations across Central and Southeast Asia," stated Carbary.