MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Russia summons Canadian diplomat over plane seizure; warns of deteriorating relations.

On Thursday, Russia's Foreign Ministry summoned a Canadian diplomat in Moscow, expressing strong disapproval over the seizure of a Russian Antonov aircraft in Toronto. The Ministry cautioned that the relations between Russia and Canada were on the brink of breaking off.

Canada enacted the seizure of a Russian Antonov-124 cargo plane at Toronto's airport on Saturday, its inaugural asset seizure aimed at imposing pressure on Moscow amid the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

Brian Ebel, Canada's Deputy Head of Embassy in Moscow, was informed by Russia that they perceived the aircraft's seizure as an act of "blatant theft," the Foreign Ministry disclosed in a statement.

The Russian Ministry's statement read that Canada's "anti-Russian stance will bear severe consequences for Russian-Canadian relations, currently teetering on the edge of dissolution, due to the actions of the Trudeau administration."

Responding to Russia's discontent, a spokesperson for the Canadian Foreign Ministry reaffirmed Ottawa's unshakeable support for Ukrainians. The spokesperson, through an emailed statement, said, "Our position has been clear and unwavering. Those who have facilitated, supported and profited from Russia's warfare in Ukraine will face consequences."

While Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Kyiv, Canada declared the seizure of the aircraft and announced a further $500 million in military aid for Ukraine.

NATO member Canada, home to one of the largest Ukrainian communities worldwide, has been a robust supporter of Ukraine. It has imposed sanctions on numerous Russian officials and corporations, in addition to implementing comprehensive trade bans.