ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — Boeing reports uptick in 737 MAX deliveries despite ongoing supply chain challenges.

In May, Boeing saw a year-over-year increase in jet deliveries, supplying 50 aircraft, a 43% rise from the same month in the previous year, albeit trailing its European competitor, Airbus, by 13 units.

On Tuesday, Boeing reported that the number of its revenue-generating 737 MAX jets delivered in May climbed to 35, up from 17 in April. The prior month's deliveries were curbed due to an identified defect in bracket installation, necessitating fixes before the jets could be handed over to customers.

In addition to the 737 MAX deliveries, Boeing also completed orders for eight 787 Dreamliners, three 767 freighters, three 777 freighters, and a 737 set to be modified into a P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft for South Korea.

The delivery update from Boeing arrives a week before the Paris Air Show, where both Boeing and Airbus are anticipated to finalize new deals. Concurrently, both manufacturers are grappling with supply chain disruptions, which may hamper deliveries. Delivery statistics are a crucial performance metric for Wall Street analysts, given that Boeing and Airbus receive most payments post-delivery.

According to Boeing's Chief Financial Officer Brian West, the company has resumed deliveries of refurbished 737s. He expressed in late May that the company forecasts an increase in MAX deliveries from about 30 to approximately 40 per month in the second half of the year.

However, a newly discovered production issue disclosed last week could dampen Dreamliner deliveries in June. The glitch, tiny gaps in a fitting on the horizontal stabilizer located at the base of the 787's tail, requires rectification before the planes can be transferred to customers.

In May, Boeing registered 69 orders, comprising 59 MAXs and 10 Dreamliners. Yet, it also reported 11 cancellations, including four 737 MAXs for Air Niugini, six 777 freighters for Hong Kong International Aviation, and one 777-300ER for an undisclosed customer.

In the first five months of this year, Boeing's delivery tally reached 206 aircraft, trailing behind Airbus's total of 244 in the same timeframe. Airbus also marginally leads in net orders, with 144 to Boeing's 127.