LUXEMBOURG A Boeing 747-400 cargo plane from Cargolux experienced a significant incident during an emergency landing at Luxembourg Airport, resulting in the loss of part of its main landing gear. 

The aircraft, designated LX-OCV, departed for Chicago ORD but was soon forced to report a malfunction. To prepare for an emergency return, the aircraft ascended to 10,000 ft, where it dumped fuel for approximately 10 minutes before making its way back to Luxembourg Airport.

In a startling turn of events, the right center gear unit detached during the landing. The aircraft was subsequently unloaded, and the runway closed for inspection and cleanup.

Cargolux has confirmed the incident involving its B747-400F aircraft, LX-OCV. The aircraft was unable to retract its landing gear post-take-off, leading it to safely dump fuel before returning to Luxembourg. Upon landing, its right body landing gear came loose. However, the plane was able to come to a controlled stop and was immediately tended to by emergency services.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported either onboard the plane or on the ground. The relevant authorities have been notified about the incident. The aircraft remains on the runway while recovery efforts are currently in progress.